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Some time ago it had come to the realization of several senior NAFI members that the profession of fire investigators involved two general groups beyond public and private: those whose practice was largely local, state or province-wide, or national; and those whose work and training involved countries in addition to their home-base countries of citizenship.

It was similarly suggested that neither of the major international fire investigation organizations, IAAI and NAFI, despite literally thousands of members from outside North America, addressed the specialized interests of their multinational constituencies.

The purpose of the IAFI is to provide a platform for association, training, education, and assisting and improving the professional performance of fire investigation professionals who operate in international venues. Additionally, the IAFI will provide a means of recognizing the expertise, experience, and position of those members who lead their fellows. Sections of the NAFI National Fire Investigator publication will be devoted to the particular interests of international fire investigators.

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International Association of Fire Investigators
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Many thanks for this fantastic idea.  –  Great initiative for overseas members.

Andrew Lovell, M-IAFI

Geneva, Switzerland

I enjoyed Patrick Kennedy’s 10 Most Common Fire Scene Errors webinar today.
I picked up a few tips today that will help me in the future. I look forward to other webinars. 

Robert Pinder, CFEI

IAFI Professional Training Institute Webinar Student